Study in master's degree program in English will not be open in Academic Year 2017/2018.

In view of market developments, the Institute of Hospitality Management has introduced several new changes into its master's degree program in Hospitality and Spa Management, and will now also offer the same program with instruction in English.

The hotel and spa industries are segments that rely on the active participation of the customer (guest, patient) at specific establishments such as hotels, spas, and other accommodation facilities, etc. Changes in customer requirements and in their consumer behavior, along with the development of new technologies and approaches to these services in general require the introduction of new and more effective ways and methods of management. At the same time, this leads to changes in the approaches to these services by the public administration and local governments and to their positive perception of the field.

The concept for the Hospitality and Spa Management program is based on the assumption that its graduates should, as specialists in leading hotel management companies from positions in middle and senior management, be responsible for the economic well-being and performance of individual businesses and contribute to the further development of the field.

The aim of the Master's degree program in Hospitality and Spa Management is, in particular, strengthening one’s operational, personnel, economic and marketing knowledge, skills and abilities in managing hotels, hotel chains and spa facilities. Graduates are prepared for positions in middle and senior management, both in the Czech Republic as well as at the international level, and must be able to not only to analyze and assess business projects, but also to evaluate their effectiveness, and on this basis, make the appropriate decisions. They must be able to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, and to use modern technology to support communication and management as such. Students will also deepen their language knowledge and skills. Through blocks of compulsory-elective courses students have the option of a chosen field of specialization.

  • Subjects making up the common theoretical basis of the program include: Macroeconomics for the Master's Program, Microeconomics for the Master’s Program, Financial Management, System Management, Project Management in the Hospitality and Spa Industries, Personnel and Intercultural Management
  • The main subjects in the field of study: Hotel Engineering, Psychology and Sociology of the Market, Economics of Hotels, Strategic Management in the Hospitality and Spa Industries, Economics of Tourism, Spa Management
  • Within the blocks of elective courses, students can choose subjects developing their knowledge and skills in the fields of gastronomy, hospitality or economic business management.

Studies are completed with a final state examination, including a defense of the thesis. The Institute of Hospitality Management lists a variety of thesis topics based on the research focus of the school, but also based on practical requirements from the field.

Graduates’ basic competencies include:

  • knowledge in the areas of management, marketing and economics in the field of study (hospitality, spas, gastronomy) corresponding to the level of middle and senior management;
  • abilities related to strategic management and planning in hotels, hotel companies, spas, etc., from market analysis to evaluation of strategic and marketing plans
  • the ability to manage human resources in the specific environment of catering, accommodation and spa services
  • the ability to manage a business entity or part of it at the level of middle and senior management
  • skills for conducting negotiations with partners from the business community and from public administration
  • the ability to monitor and assess the market situation from the perspective of the development of the field and customer demand, and on that basis develop and implement proposals to enhance the competitiveness of the managed enterprise
  • public presentation skills

Employability of graduates:

  • in middle and senior management of hotels, spa houses, large restaurants and similar businesses
  • as specialist management of individual sections of hotels, hotel chains and companies (marketing, sales, finance, human resources, information systems, purchasing and storage)
  • in the design and implementation of new hotel, spa and catering services concepts
  • in facilities offering catering
  • In the management of catering services (e.g. airlines, etc.);
  • In the development and implementation of software specialized for processes and management of the hospitality, spa and restaurant industries

Tuition for study in the Hospitality and Spa Management program with instruction in English: 39,500-CZK / semester

Requirements for admission:

Completion of a bachelor’s degree program recognized in the Czech Republic

English knowledge – results from any of the following internationally recognized English exams will be accepted: Minimum test scores are as follows:

  • IELTS – 6.5
  • TOEFL iBT - 79
  • TOEFL cBT - 213
  • CAE – Grade C or higher

Those who do not have the official results from any of these exams will be asked to come to IHM to take a computer-based admission test.

Applications should be submitted electronically through the IS at the following address:

Ing. Martina Hlinková
Tel: +420 283 101 135