The Institute of Hospitality Management (IHM) aims its new program at those students who want to study in English. The full-time Bachelor Degree program in Hospitality Management in English is accredited by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education and accepted in all EU and other leading countries of the world. This program runs parallel to the identical, fully-accredited program that is taught in Czech. The Czech program has been on offer by IHM for 19 years and has already some 6,500 successful graduates to its credit.

The character of the hospitality industry is by definition international and English has become the "lingua franca" of hotel and tourism services everywhere. IHM would like to offer the possibility of studying Hospitality Management in English to young people from all over the world. If hospitality is something that attracts your interest and you feel that learning how to master the haute etiquette and impeccable services usually associated with this field at its best is worth the effort, you may be interested in learning more about IHM in Prague. You will find more information at our  pages or by sending an e-mail with your request (


Tuition for one semester is 39,500 CZK (approximately EUR 1,550/semester or USD 2,200/semester, depending on actual exchange rate). Payments must be made in Czech crowns.

Conditions for admission are concurrent with standard conditions for other fields of study at the IHM and can be found on the IHM web pages. Applicants will be required to prove their knowledge of English in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for languages or with submission of results from an internationally recognized English test (TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS).


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Barbora Rišková
student Hotelnictví
Děkuji VŠH za získání znalostí, které uplatňuji v každodenní hotelové praxi. Vtipní učitelé byli třešničkou na dortu v průběhu celého studia :-)