Students of Hospitality Management visited Lokál U Bílé Kuželky

On April 24th the 2nd year students of Hospitality Management programme together with their lecturer Ing. Darina Svobodová visited Lokál U Bílé Kuželky, a well-known Ambiente Group restaurant serving Czech traditional dishes and beer. The restaurant has been recently added to the Michelin Guide.
Under the guidance of Lokál creative chef Petr Benda, we were taken through the peculiar features of restaurant operation. The students had a brilliant chance to study the inside of Ambiente as a concept.
The excursion started with a short kitchen tour which was followed by a trip to the cellar. There the students got to see the way beer is stored and why it is so important to wash the barrels by hand. An award belonging to world's master in beer tapping Lukáš Svoboda** drew our attention.
The three-type beer pouring method was demonstrated on the ground floor.
After we were all done with our pictures and videos, everyone finally sat down at the reserved table. Nevertheless, the conversation kept on going.
We were particularly interested in local marketing strategies, staff training, and internal communication. Mr Benda kindly replied to all of our questions.
Lokál promotes fine dining for everyone by offering high standards at affordable prices. Ambiente stands for authentic recipes, natural ingredients, strict quality control, and, last but not least, passion. That is exactly what we noticed in each and every employee. Their drive is contagious!
The evening continued with a grand selection of food on our table, and, quite obviously, several pints of Czech beer.
The visit turned out to be truly inspirational for all of us, including the Erasmus+ students from Greece and Portugal.

*Check out his Instagram page at @bendakchef
**The very next day everyone had an opportunity to talk to him in person within a special event held in VŠH

Maria Volzhina
Hospitality Management