Conference 2014

The Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague 8 presents its

6th annual International Conference on



Hospitality and Tourism – topics of the International Scientific Conference in Prague

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014 the Institute of Hospitality Management in Prague (IHM) organized its 6th International Scientific Conference „Hospitality, Tourism and Education“ that was devoted to currrent trends and projects in this field of actitivites and their mutual interconnection.

„The sixth conference does not narrowly focus on particular topics or current problems that deserve solutions in the segment of hospitality, gastronomy and tourism. There exists a wide range of topics and it would be pity to exclude some of them beforehand“, said doc. Ing. Jan Hán, Ph.D., IHM Vice Rector for Research and a specialist-guarantor of the Conference.

The Conference itself took place in a more festive atmosphere thanks to the 15th anniversary of the IHM foundation.That was also reflected in the Conference programme, e.g. awarding of commemorative medals to prof. Ing., Jiří Jindra, CSc. for his invaluable contribution to the process of development of hospitality education in the Czech Republic, to Ing. Zdeněk Zídek for his contribution to the cooperation among public authorities and colleges for tourism, destination management, and to Bc. Tomáš Blabla for his efforts in the field of quality enhancement of  services in hospitality and gastronomy with the participation of graduates of professional schools. Representatives of the Ministry for Local Development participated in the first part of the Conference during which the Ceremony introducing a professional monograph„Management of Tourism in the Czech Republic in the Past, Today and in the Future“ by Ing. Petr Studnička and Ing. Lucie Plzáková took place.

In the plenary session and its special sections almost 40 contributions were presented by representatives of companies dealing primarily in hospitality and gastronomy or work in state bodies and colleges involved in these  fields. During the afternoon part of the Conference the contributions were presented in individual sections debating Hospitality, Gastronomy, Destination Management, Marketing-management and in a special workshop devoted to Franchsing. During the noon panel discussion the leading Czech KPMG hoteliers focused on currrent topics of the Czech and world hospitality industry.

Detail information concering the Conference results and its special sections conclusions will be soon published on the IHM web pages. Printed collection is available and can be bought at the IHM.

The 15th anniversary of the IHM foundation celebration was accompanied by rich social programme  which most of 240 participants to the Conference attended in good mood. Apart for friendly environment, samples of gastronomy work presented  by the IHM students, as well by the students of the First Private Hotel School were exhibited.

MVDr. Pavel Bělobrádek, Ph.D., MPA, Vice Chairman of the Czech government for Science, Research and Innovations, Mgr. et Mgr. Věra Jourová, Minister for Local Development, PhDr. Marcel Chládek, MBA, Minister for Education, Youth and Physical Education have acted as patrons of the Conference. The Czech Tourist Authority-CzechTourism acted as the general partner of the Conference.

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