Academic Council of the Institute of Hospitality Management is an advisory body of the IHM Rector.

The Academic Council members are prominent representatives of fields of studies instructed at the VŠH in a form of educational and creative activities, representatives of VŠH academic community of academics, students and the company CEO. At minimum one third of the Academic Board members are persons who are not the IHM academic community members.

At its meetings the Academic Board (as a rule twice a year) primarily assesses proposals of study programmes and their modifications. The Board deals with proposals of strategic objectives of education and creative activities of the IHM, its yearly plans and their implementation, reports concerning internal evaluation of quality and amendments of the reports, including amendments themselves, annual reports about the IHM activities in the particular year, proposals for members of the Board of Internal Assessment, requirements concerning accreditation, its extension or prolongation of the accredited study programmes validity, or requirements concerning institutional accreditation, rules of the quality assurance system , creative and related activities and internal assessment of above mentioned qualities. The Board also approves the composition of state final examination boards. It deals with other issues submitted by the Rector, namely those ones concerning the organization of studies and the IHM foreign cooperation. It also deals with issues submitted by its members. 


Place of work

doc. Ing. Hana Březinová, CSc. VŠMVV - Rector
doc. Ing. Miroslav Čertík, CSc. Expert Advisor
JUDr. Vlastimil Dvořák Hotel Ambassador - General Director
Ing. Michal Filip PRAGUE HOTELS, s.r.o. - CEO
doc. Ing. Jan Hán, Ph.D. IHM - Vice-Rector for Research and External Relations
Ing. Pavel Hlinka AHP CONNECTIONS - Consulting, Education, Training
Ing. Mgr. Vladana Horáková, MBA Aquapalace Praha - General Manager
doc. Mgr. Ing. Karel Chadt, CSc.  IHM - Vice-Rector for Quality and Development
Ing. Antonín Izák I.B.S. hotels restaurants Prague - Board of Directors
doc. Ing. Dagmar Jakubíková, Ph.D. IHM - Department of Marketing
Ing. Jiřina Jenčková, Ph.D. Perfect Hospitality Consulting - CEO
doc. Ing. Aleš Kocourek, Ph.D. TUL, Faculty of Economics - Dean
Ing. Miloš Kopal Nestlé Czech Republic - Business Development Manager
prof. PhDr. Irena Korbelářová, Dr.

Faculty of Philosophy and Science, Silesian University in Opava
- Vice-dean for Education Issues and Organisation

PhDr. Romana Kratochvílová IHM - Department of Languages, Head
prof. Ing. Jana Kučerová, Ph.D. MBU - Department of Tourism
Ing. Věra Levičková, Ph.D. IHM - Department of Economics and Economy, Head
PhDr. Jan Máče, Ph.D. IHM - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs
Dávid Melas, MPhil IHM - CEO
Ing. Karel Nejdl, CSc. Expert Advisor
doc. Ing. Monika Palatková, Ph.D. CIPR - Director of the Institute of International Management and Marketing
Ing. Martin Petříček, Ph.D. IHM - Rector 
Ing. Tomáš Prouza, MBA Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism - President
Ing. Václav Stárek Association of Hotels and Restaurants Czech Republic - President
doc. Ing. Ivo Straka, CSc. IHM – Department of Economics and Economy
Ing. Petr Studnička, PhD. IHM – Department of Hotel Management, Head
Mgr. Tomáš Tatranský Municipal District of Prague 8 - Deputy Mayor
doc. Ing. Lenka Turnerová, CSc. IHM - Department of Marketing
doc. Ing. Václav Vinš, CSc. IHM - Rector Emeritus
doc. Ing. Josef Vlček, CSc. IHM - Department of Economics and Economy
prof. Ing. Miroslav Žižka, Ph.D. TUL - Vice-Rector for Education and Internal Legislation
Bc. Veronika Fraňková IHM - Member of the Student Senate
Bc. Zuzana Nešetřilová IHM - Chairwoman of the Student Senate