The IHM Research Department was created in September 2011 after its transformation from the Research Centre, which was active between 2005-2011. The objective of this Department is to support existing and developing research and scientific activity in the field of hospitality and tourism - the main fields of study at IHM. The aim of the Department, which follows up on the experiences of research and scientific work from, for example, France, Croatia, Austria, Germany or Switzerland, is also to contribute to filling in research gaps in this field.

The Research Department carries out the following tasks:

  • informational (organization of conferences and workshops, announcement of scientific projects and public tenders),
  • record-keeping (records and evidence of scientific grants and projects),
  • consulting (application for scientific grants and projects),
  • contact place.

The Research Department functions as well as a contact place for cooperation with public institutions (for example the Ministry of Regional Development of the Czech Republic, CzechTourism), public institutions at regional, county, district or local levels, the business sphere and organizations participating in tourism, hospitality and gastronomy services.


Vice-Rector for Research and External Relations

doc. Ing. Jan Hán, Ph.D.

Associate Research Assistant

Ing. Barbora Komínková