Bachelor’s study programme of the Hospitality Management, Tourism and Marketing

Instruction in the Czech language

The aim of the Bachelor’s major field of study of Hospitality Management, Tourism and Marketing focuses on theoretical and primarily on practical preparation of students for their work. The programme is segmented into three specializations.

  • Hospitality Management focuses on the field of accommodation services and gastronomy,
  • Travel and Tourism focuses on the field of destination management,
  • Marketing focuses on the field of marketing services.


Basic programme information

Duration of the Bachelor’s programme is 3 years (max. 5 years). The IHM offers either full-time or part-time forms of studies. This study programme is completed by the state final examinations and the defence of the Bachelor’s Dissertation. Graduates obtain the title of "Bachelor" (abbr. Bc.).

Where can you be employed?

All graduates are prepared to hold key operation positions across a range of businesses, in hotel, tourism and marketing companies. They can hold managerial positions in small and medium-sized enterprises, including in management of small family businesses. The studies develop the art of planning, organizing and managing, as well as the abilities to effectively manage and deal with human resources issues.

Graduates of the Hospitality Management specialization can work in national and international businesses providing hotel and gastronomy services, and also in spa and wellness establishments and other enterprises dealing in the travel and tourism industry.

Graduates of the Tourism specialization can find their job in various managerial positions in destination management organizations, tourism information centres, travel agencies and other businesses dealing in the travel and tourism industry.

Graduates of the Marketing specialization can be employed in all fields of services, e.g. as press spokespersons, in  the field of public relations, in publishing houses of newspapers and magazines, in company magazines and other mass-media.