Requirements for acceptance to the part-time studies in the academic year 2018/2019

1) Evidence about work experience before the commencement of studies:

  • Employment before the commencement of studies is compulsory at the minimum length of 12 months, min. 20 hours per week (in case it is not documented at the time of the commencement). Total prolongation of employment can be documented by more than one employer.
  • Self-employment at minimum 12 months.

2) Evidence about work experience at the point of the commencement:

  • Work experience at the time of study commencement (min. 20 hours per week).
  • Self-employment trade list.
  • In case of the Labour Office evidence it is necessary to submit the LO certificate and later on about the new employment certificate.
  • In case of maternity leave it is necessary to submit statutory declaration and the birth certificate of the baby.

Above mentioned conditions for admission of an applicant are confirmed by the fulfilment of this form. The form is due to be submitted on day of enrolment procedure.
In case of non-meeting some of the above stated requirements an applicant can consult his/her situation with the IHM Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs who is authorized to decide on individual conditions for the applicant´s enrolment into studies.