Housing stipend
Students (including international students) with permanent residence outside the capital city of Prague may request a housing stipend, which can be used on a monthly basis (with the exception of the summer holidays), of CZK 550. This stipend is paid from the state budget and is not dependent on the financial or social status of the applicant.

Social stipend
Students may apply for this stipend after submitting an online application for social stipend (submissions possible twice yearly) with a written statement regarding the function of the stipend issued by the office for state social support. Income for the calendar year, which determines benefits paid, may not exceed the sum of the minimum family living wage and a 1.5 coefficient.

The amount of the stipend is CZK 2,500 and is paid by the Ministry of Education each calendar month (with the exception of July and August) after all requirements for receiving the stipend are fulfilled.