Department of Languages

Members of the department handle the instruction of foreign languages, which are an integral part of the profile of the graduates of this school. They work with the entire spectrum of experts from the field of hotels, gastronomy and tourism in their work preparing instruction of foreign languages for professional use.

Members of the department are involved in instruction for all major fields of study for both full and part-time programs. They lead language seminars for major fields of study at the bachelor’s level (Hotel Management, Destination Management in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Marketing Communication in the Service Industry, Leisure Time Management, and Management of Transportation Services), and also at the master’s level (Hotel and Spa Management, Marketing Communication, and Prosperity, Risk, Audit, and Crisis Management). Basic and professional language instruction prepares students in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
The department currently teaches English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, and Czech for foreigners. It handles translations and interpretations for IHM’s needs as well as for individual departments, especially foreign language translations of the school’s web pages, and foreign language abstracts for professional and scholarly articles and publications. Members lead and act as opponents for bachelor’s and master’s dissertations by students of the school. They provide organizational support during admissions at IHM (in the form of foreign language placement tests) and actively participate in open house, where they provide information to those interested in studying at IHM.

The department’s work includes publication, especially of foreign language texts for the instruction of professional language for the field, or dictionaries with professional vocabulary for the field, as well as individual articles in professional journals. Individual members of the department participate in conferences, seminars, and workshops not only on the topic of foreign lanaguage education, but also related to matters in hospitality.

The majority of department members belong to national associations and groups for teachers of particular foreign languages. Individual members also work on research projects for the school. Members of the department participate annually in professional stints at universities abroad as part of the Erasmus teacher mobility program.

Department Head: Mgr. Dagmar Lanská
Deputy Department Head: Mgr. Dana Kolářová