Department of Economy and Economics

The Department of Economy and Economics handles the instruction of foundation subjects for the bachelor’s and master’s programs. The theoretical basis for the major fields of study at IHM rises from the general study of economics. The purpose of the instruction in economics is to bring students to an understanding of the development of the mechanism of the functioning economy in the Czech Republic and other countries, and to prepare students for a systematic analysis of economic issues in their context in society.

General economic theory creates the analytical framework for applied economics. The instruction of business economics acquaints students with the administration and operations of manufacturers. Business accounting provides information about the systems of record keeping and classification, whose basic tool is the account. Study of financial markets deepens knowledge of surrounding businesses.

Instructors in the Department of Economy and Economics introduce content that corresponds to the professional aims of IHM. That is why great attention is paid to the quantitative side of the economic process, although qualitative analyses are not disregarded. Economics classes blend topics of a general nature with concrete explanations of issues in the economy. The diversity of economic information that is offered by the Department of Economy and Economics allows students to create a broad economic horizon for themselves, which is one of the essential qualities of a successful manager.

Department Head: doc. Ing. Josef Vlček, CSc.
Deputy Department Head: Ing. Věra Levičková, Ph.D.