Department od Marketing

The Department of Marketing  was established at IHM in Prague on September 1, 2008. Members of the department handle the instruction of subjects important for achieving the requisite professional knowledge for graduates of the majority of the major fields of study taught at IHM.

Members of the department teach in both full and part-time programs (MBA, ISH, DVPP). They lecture and lead seminars in major fields of study at the bachelor’s level (Hotel Management, Destination Management in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Marketing Communication in the Service Industry, Leisure Time Management, and Management of Transportation Services), and also at the master’s level (Hotel and Spa Management). They advise and act as opponents for bachelor’s and master’s final dissertations by students of the school. They sit on committes for final state bachelor’s and master’s exams which take place at the school. Notable parts of the department’s work include research and publication, as well as organization and participation in international conferences. Members of the department work together with partner companies both for instruction and research.

Department Head: doc. Mgr. Ing. Karel Chadt, CSc.
Deputy Department Head:PhDr. Marek Merhaut, Ph.D., MBA