Tender for ERASMUS Student Mobility for Study ( SMS) and for Placement (SMP) for spring semester of 2017/2018 academic year

Tender for Erasmus Student Mobility for Study and for Placement  for spring semester of  new Erasmus + of  2017/18  academic year  is taking place  on November 14th 2017  from 13:30  in room 005.

Actual list of partners institutions see  IHM website.

 Tender Conditions:

  1. Tender is opened for all students of the IHM : full -time as well as part- time students, EU residents as well as non EU residents.
  2. Applying student is expected to submit:
  • structured CV + motivation letter in English or language of the country- he/she wants to study in
  • transcript of study results from the last closed term.
  • language course certificates ( voluntary)         

CVs and motivation letters can be send in advance to  roldanova@vsh.cz

  1. Student must participate in tender in person to keep the  conditions  transparent and equal for  the applicants. Written  applications or any absence will not be taken into consideration.
  2. Students must complete   the first year of the Bachelor programme before  leaving   for a study mobility for study  according  to the programme rules. Students of Master programme are not limited.
  3. Within new programme Erasmus + students can  participate in Erasmus repeatidly in each study cycle (  it is possible to go  for study and placement  mobility on bachelor and master level)
  4. Since January 1st 2015 that European Commission has launched the On-line Linguistic Support.  The student  has to pass obligatory on-line language test. The student who does not not pass the test is not allowed to start the mobility.
  5. The student participating in Erasmus+ Mobility must fully respect the financial commitments towards the IHM ( there is a school fee discount of 10 th. CZK  per semester only for  student mobility for study.)
  6. Granting from Erasmus+ programme depends on the budget available and there is no legal claim for granting.


Ing. Zuzana Roldánová MSc.

Head of International Office