Students from IHM visited main attractionswith UNESCO status in Kutná Hora

Students from the 2nd Semester of the bachelor’s program: Hospitality Management, study in English,had a successful field trip to Kutná Hora. Since 1961, this town has been part of the National Heritage List and since 1995 it has been the only town with the UNESCO status in the Middle Bohemian Region.

The students had the opportunity to put into practice the five basic elements of Leiper’s tourism system:

Tourists: Students from CRE26“Fundamentals of Tourism“.
Tourist Generation Region: Prague, the main purpose of this field trip was educational.
Transit Route: By train and car.
Tourist Destination Region: Kutná Hora, Middle Bohemian Region. The main attractions of our visit included the following historical heritage sites:

  • UNESCO Cathedral of Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist at Sedlec
  • Ossuary – Bone Chapel
  • UNESCO St Barbara’s Cathedral
  • Italian Court
  • Sankturin House

Tourism Industries: The Information centerin Kutná Hora provided a guided tour in English for our class. Mrs. Lenka Dytrychová from the Department of Tourism and Marketing of the Municipal Officealso shared with us the main responsibilities and activities of her departmentin promoting Kutná Hora as a destination region.

"Last week, to take a break from lectures, our class traveled on a trip to Kutná Hora. The trip took about an hour and then we were met by our tour guide. He led us through the city for around four hours. We learned about the city's silver mining and coin making history and saw the plethora of churches Kutná Hora has to offer. The city is incredibly rich in history, which seeps through every house and street and is beyond beautiful, especially on a warm spring day. Later we also got to peak behind the curtain of the local tourist information center to see how they operate day to day. In my opinion, Kutná Hora is a must-see destination when visiting the Czech Republic.”

Simon Haas
Second Semester Student, Hospitality Management Program

Photography by: Deliya Saryyeva