Excursion to the Brevnov Monastery

In May, the first year HOE students, together with their lecturer, Ing. Darina Svobodova, took an excursion to the Brevnov Monastery.  It was founed in 993 AD and it also has the oldest tradition of beer brewing in the Czech Republic. Brewing was interrupted several times in the history, but up to today, the Břevnov Monastery Brewery brew its beer here. A guided tour was prepared for us and we have visited the representative parts of the Monastery where different events take place. We also had the opportunity to watch the production of the local Brevnov Monastery beer, visited the Beer Glass Muzeum and finished our excursion in local traditional pub Klasterni senk where we enjoyed an excellent lunch together.We would like to thank to the employees of Brevnov Monastery for their time and willingess to spend time with us.