Hospitality and Spa Management

The aim of this master´s degree program is to profoundly develop already obtained knowledge and skills in the field of company operations, economy, development of hotel management, hotel chain and spa facilities. The graduate is prepared to execute jobs positions of mid and top management in particular companies in the Czech Republic, as well as on international level.

Students increase the knowledge particularly in the field of economics and economy, various forms of management (namely of hospitality, spa and all services related to), of marketing on international level. They also obtain fundamental knowledge in the field of research, planning and company development management. Language and communicative skills focus on skills needed in the field of presentations and negotiations.

  • Major field study subjects: Hotel Engineering, Hotel Economy, Company Financial Management, Psychology and Sociology of the Market, Spa Management, and others.
  • Optional subjects: student can choose the subjects that help them to develop their knowledge and skills in the study field as for example Wine and Food Pairing gastronomy, Trend in Spa and Wellness industry, Management Psychology or E-business in Hospitality.
  • Subjects of common theoretical fundamentals primarily are: Macro-economy for master´s program, Micro-economy for master´s program, System Management, Personnel and Intercultural Management.

Graduate´s essential competences are:

  • knowledge of management, marketing and economy in the study field (hospitality, sa, gastronomy) corresponding with the
  • level of mid and top management;
  • abilities needed in strategic management and planning of hotel operations, of a hotel company, spa, etc., beginning with the analysis of the market to the assessment of strategic and marketing plans;
  • abilities needed in HR management in specific conditions of catering, accommodation a spa services facilities;
    abilities needed for management a business subject or its part on the level of mid and top managements;
  • skills of negotiation with partners in the field of business, as well as in public administration bodies;
  • skills of monitoring and assessment of the situation on the market from the point of the field development, customers´ demand and ability to create and implement proposals aiming at competitiveness of a managed company or a centre;
  • abilities and skills of public presentation.

Graduate´s employment opportunities are:

  • higher positions of managers of hotels, spa houses, large restaurants and similar enterprises;
  • specialists in management of individual departments of hotels, hotel companies and chains (marketing, sales, economy, HR, financial system, purchasing and storage, ...);
  • designing and introducing new concepts of hotel, spa and gastronomy services management of special food service;
  • management of catering services (airline companies, etc.);
  • development and implementation of software for processes in hospitality, spa and gastronomy management.