Destination Management in the Travel and Tourism Industry

The aim of this study program focuses on intensifying of already acquired knowledge and skills in the field of travel and tourism industry and in more matured graduates´ specialization needed for positions in mid and top management of destination management organizations on all levels – international, state, regional and local.

Students develop their knowledge in the field of economics and economy, in different forms of travel and tourism industry management (system, HR and inter-cultural management, project and quality management), in marketing management and planning,. Students acquire essential knowledge in the field of research and other sectors of travel and tourism industry in connection with its specific features linked with tourism destination management. Language and communicative know-how is aimed at professional presentations and negotiations skills.

  • Major field study subjects are: Management of Travel and Tourism Industry, Sociological Research, Destination Management Organization, Formation of Strategies and Regional Plans in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Sustainable Tourism Development in Regions, and others..
  • Optional subjects: students can make a choice of subjects that help them to develop their knowledge and skills concerning their study field, as for example, System of Quality in the Travel and Tourism Industry, Convention Tourism or E-business in the Travel and Tourism Industry.
  • Subjects of common theoretical fundamentals primarily are: Macro-economy for the master´s program, Micro-economy for the master´s program, System Management, Personnel and Intercultural Management.

Graduate´s essential competences are:

  • knowledge from the field of management, marketing and economy corresponding with the level of mid and top management;
  • abilities of strategic management and planning beginning with the analysis of the market to the level of evaluation of strategic and marketing plans;
  • abilities to manage Human Resources issues;
  • abilities to manage a destination management organization (other institutions and organization dealing in travel and tourism management in public administration, self-government bodies, as well as in the private sector) on the level of mid and top management;
  • skills of negotiation with partners from the public administration bodies and private sector;
  • skills of monitoring and assessment of the situation on the market from the point of tourism destination offer and creation of proposal aimed at the increase of the particular destination competitiveness;
  • skills of public presentations;
  • skills of communication in two foreign languages.

Graduate´s employment opportunities are:

  • to work on higher positions of executive employees of the state administration bodies, public administration and self-
  • government bodies in the field of strategic management of the travel and tourism industry;
  • on the positions of middle and top management in the destination management organizations;
  • in management of info tourism centres and other tourism destination management facilities;
  • in the process of foundation of destination management organizations on international, national, regional and local levels;
  • in advisory bodies dealing with issues of travel and tourism industry and destination management;
  • to work in business subjects providing support activities to travel and tourism industry development.