Bachelor’s programs at IHM:

Length of the bachelor’s program: standard period: 3 years (maximum 5 years)

Form of study: full-time or part-time

Completion of studies: Final state bachelor’s exam and defense of the bachelor’s thesis.

Academic title earned: Bachelor (abbreviated Bc.)

Graduates of all bachelor programs can continue their studies in the master’s program at IHM. The Hospitality and Spa Management major field of study is the only program of its kind at the master’s level in the Czech Republic!

Hospitality Management

(This major field of study is offered in both Czech and English)

The major field of study with the longest tradition at IHM. It is focused on the practical and theoretical knowledge needed to manage small and medium enterprises, especially hotels, restaurants, guest houses etc.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for:

  • Management and key operational positions across the entire spectrum of services in hospitality and gastronomy, especially in the management of small and medium-sized enterprises and in accommodation, catering, technical and other hotel operations (departments)
  • Consulting on lifestyle, food and the implementation of new accommodation, hotel and gastronomy concepts
  • Operating one’s own business - managing small businesses and family businesses

Destination Management in the Travel and Tourism Industry

A relatively new and evolving field that one can study in the Czech Republic only at IHM. Directed and coordinated development of sustainable tourism offers states, regions and municipalities solutions to many economic, social and environmental problems. Many locations are aware of this possibility and offer their destination on the tourism market.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for work in:

  • Positions as leaders and specialists in destination management organizations
  • Various positions in public and state administration related to local development and the promotion of tourism
  • Travel agencies
  • Hotels and events management
  • Tourism marketing
  • International organizations

Marketing Communication in the Service Industry

Nowadays marketing is pervasive in all fields of human activity. Its specifics for the service industry are the subject of this major field of study.

Graduates of the program will be prepared for work as:

  • Marketing specialists in the business, public and non-profit sectors
  • In marketing and communications agencies
  • Spokespersons and employees public relations
  • Staff editors and publishers of periodicals
  • Creators and administrators of web pages and other applications