Department of Hotel Management

The Department of Hotel Management was established at IHM in Prague on September 1, 1999. Members of the department handle the instruction of subjects that define the graduates of the school. Educators work closely with numerous institutions (including schools abroad), but especially with professional organizations, hotels, and specialists in gastronomy. Department members are engaged in research activities through the Fund for the Development of Universities.

Members of the department teach in both full and part-time programs. They lead seminars and workshops in the field for bachelor’s and master’s programs. Most professional subjects are taught in Hotel Management, which is the major field of study in highest demand, but elective subjects that are focused on the field are popular in other majors as well. An integral part of the program is its successful completion, and an important part of that is leading and opposing final dissertations, work in which the department members share. Representatives of the department sit on exam committees for final state bachelor’s and master’s exams which take place at the school three times during the academic year. Notable parts of the department’s work are publication and participation in conferences related to hotels, gastronomy, enogastronomy, etc. Educators cooperate with professional groups and organizations in the field. The department organizes seminars and workshops for professionals, and takes part in consulting and advising. Individual members of the department publish in professional journals and cooperate with the media. Cooperation takes place even on an international level. Members of the department participate in exchanges with universities abroad.

Department Head: Ing. Petr Studnička, PhD.
Deputy Department Head: Ing. Blanka Zimáková
Deputy Department Head for HOE: Ing. Martin Petříček, Ph.D.