Dear students,

since July 3, 2017 we have adopted alternations in the system of lunch ordering at our school canteen in accordance with the use of chips. From the beginning of the 2017/2018 academic year lunch orders will be executed solely through the chip.

The chip can be obtained at the IHM library, Mrs. Elimie Brožová, room No 404, 1st floor of the IHM premises. Advance payment of 100,- CZK is required. The chip has to be recharged for the minimum amount of 200,-CZK.

Original cards will be further used for copying and will be recharged at the library (as mentioned above). The remaining amount will be transferred onto the chip.

Lunch ordering (beginning on July 3rd, 2017)

It is necessary to order the lunch the day before, latest till 15:00 hrs. and namely:

  1. off-line on the stall of orders situated in the school canteen via attachment of the chip against the reader and meal selection;
  2. on-line on the IHM internet pages (ikon iCanteen on the right side up) after entering your name and password, or at the

Lunch cancellation

The lunch can be cancelled on the very day of its order, however till 8:00 a.m. latest. After that it is possible to offer the lunch through the ‘Meal stock’ where another diner, who forgot to order it the day before, can buy it. If the lunch is bought, the money will be returned to the chip, if not you lose the money.

Lunch distribution

The lunch is distributed at the lunch dispenser counter after attachment of the chip against the reader.

Lunch price

Students have the benefit of one meal from Menu I or Menu II for the price of 60,- CZK. Other meals are fully paid – 75,- CZK. Special offers and big salads cost 75,- CZK, selection of the soup only costs 20,- crowns, short order meals cost 60,- CZK.


In case of any concerning questions please contact the Manager of Gastronomy Services Dpt. Mr. Petr Hašek: