English Bc

Major field of study: Hospitality Management
The program is focused on professional management (including public administration), business, and operations in hotels and other accommodation facilities, restaurants and related establishments. The widely-conceived bachelor’s degree in hotel management encompasses the whole spectrum of tourism. Its compatibility with other programs abroad not only makes it easier for graduates to find positions in both domestic and international companies in the hotel industry, but also offers graduates the opportunity to further their professional knowledge by continuing on to the master’s program at IHM or other universities.

Major field of study: Destination Management in the Travel and Tourism Industry
In order to successfully create and offer destinations on the travel market, it is necessary for destination management experts to be able to effectively coordinate all aspects involved. Graduates will be qualified for careers in destination management and other related positions in the travel and tourism industry including tourism marketing institutions, public administration, and a variety of international institutions in this field. They may work in managerial and marketing positions in mid-sized to large private companies, as well as in international chains.

Major field of study: Marketing Communication in the Service Industry
Future graduates will know the operational principles of all types of media, be familiar with various types of technology, be able to choose the most advantageous medium, and be able to negotiate effectively within the field. A substantial part of instruction will be dedicated to external and internal medialization of companies, from public relations to analysis of shared media, including the role of feedback. Students will become familiar with theory in the field as well as with practical techniques and the technological characteristics of different types of media. They are introduced to the basics of working in print media (including electronic form) and the process of preparing articles, from writing to editing to publishing.
They will be familiar with the economic aspects of media, including the price of advertisements, costs of materials, and the administration of financial sources and cash flow. Another part of instruction is becoming oriented with the legal aspects of the field. All knowledge is directly applied to the service industry because it is necessary to consider its distinct features in the field of marketing communication. In addition to the service sector, the program prepares graduates for non-profit organizations (various charities, social and cultural centers), and puts them on the path for work in public administration. Graduates may find work in the national and international fields of the travel and tourism industry as well as in the service industry. Positions may include, for example, work as a press agent, in public relations, newspaper and magazine publishing, magazine companies, radio and television, or advertising. The school is in constant contact with leading experts from creative agencies, top management in various companies, Czech Television, and Czech Radio.

Major field of study: Leisure Time Management
The use of leisure time has become an integral part of life in modern society. Because it has become such an economically significant field, there is a need today for the necessary education to create expert, specialized and skilled development of concepts for the use of leisure time. Graduates of the Leisure Time Management program may find employment in the travel and tourism industry, including establishments such as sports clubs, resorts, water parks, and cultural or community centers. Other related spheres include incentive tourism, team-building, and relaxation and wellness programs.