Rules and basic instructions for the beginning of the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022

Dear Colleagues,

with regard to the start of teaching in the traditional, personal form, we would like to present a basic overview and rules of behaviour during the beginning of the academic year 2021/2022. It is always necessary to respect currently valid restrictions resulting from the binding documents of the relevant institutions and therefore these lines cannot be considered binding for the entire academic year. Below, you can see selected measures which should ensure a smooth course of teaching.

Use of protective equipment covering nose and mouth

Currently, access to university buildings is only allowed to those persons whose nose and mouth are covered by a respirator or similar device without an exhalation valve. A respirator is not necessary in class when students are seated and, of course, when consuming food and drink. However, let´s respect the protection of nose and mouth, especially in common areas.

Who is not allowed to enter the school building

In relation to covid-19, a person suffering from symptoms of the disease (especially cough, fever, loss of taste and smell) or not wearing a respirator must not enter the school building (see above). Of course, it is not possible to enter the school building in case of ordered quarantine, etc. After returning from abroad, it is also necessary to respect the currently valid regulations relating in particular to the obligation to fill in the arrival form and any other obligations arising from the current measures. 

What to do in case of covid-19 symptoms

In case of symptoms of covid-19, it is imperative to contact your doctor, who will decide on the next steps.

What to do in case of a contact with an infected person

In the case of so-called risky contact, it is not in the student's authority to decide on the risk of such contact. If the person has not yet been contacted by the relevant hygiene station, it is necessary to contact a doctor by phone, who will decide on the next step.

Proving the absence of infection

Currently, students and school staff need to prove that they are not infectious only when returning from or traveling abroad. For this situation, is used. The absence of infection must also be proved in the case of academic ceremonies (regardless of whether they take place inside or outside the school building).

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