Marketing Communication

The aim of the Master´s program major field of study „Marketing Communication” is to intensify the knowledge and skills in the sector of company operations, economy, management and development of companies of all sizes and types and to train the graduate for his/her future position in the mid and top management in particular companies in the Czech Republic as well abroad. This study program is aimed at the preparation of graduates for their work in research institutions of all types. The course instructs them how to analyze problems in practice, find conclusions and assess statistical data.

Students also intensify their knowledge in economics and economy, various forms of management, marketing on international level and acquire essential know-how in the field of research and planning and company development management. Language and communication skills emphasize the issues of presentations and negotiations.

Graduate´s essential competences are:

  • knowledge of the field of management, marketing and economy corresponding with the level of mid and top management;
  • abilities of strategic management and planning beginning with the analysis of the market to the level of evaluation of strategic and marketing plans;
  • abilities to manage Human Resources issues in different types of companies;
  • abilities to manage a business subject or its part on the level of mid and top management;
  • skills to negotiate with partners in the business field and in public administration bodies;
  • ability to manage non-profit, state-funded, foundation and other societies;
  • ability to monitor and evaluate the situation on the market from the point of the field development, customers´ demand and
  • create and implement proposals leading to an increase of a particular enterprise or centre competitiveness;
  • skills of communication in two foreign languages.

Graduate´s employment opportunities:

  • on positions of mid and higher managerial levels of all companies;
  • as a specialist in management of particular segment of a company and chains (marketing, sales, economy, human resources, information systems, purchasing and storage,...)
  • designing and introducing new business concepts;
  • management of non-profit, state-funded, foundation and other companies and state institutions;
    in the process of development and implementation of software specialized in processes connected with latest qualities in
  • techniques and technologies of companies;
  • in the field of creation of franchises of central offices and exports of skills and know-how of successful Czech companies abroad.